Frequently Asked Questions

 About files for translation

Q1: I would like to have the translation overwritten on an Excel spreadsheet. Is it possible?
A1: Overwriting translation onto Excel, Word, and PowerPoint is possible.
Q2: I only have a PDF document. Can you translate from PDF?
A2: There are three ways to translate from a PDF document: 1) converting it to Word file with the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) function and then working on Word, 2) pasting text boxes for each paragraph onto the PDF document, and 3) writing translation on separate file such as Word or Excel.
Q3: The file contains a lot of technical terms. Can you translate it?
A3: If you have an in-house glossary or project glossary, the translator will translate according to that list.  Or, if you have any past reference materials, the translator will translate according to them if you provide them. Even in the case that neither of these is available, research will be done to the best and terms will be carefully chosen.  Also, for highly technical material or when there are multiple possible interpretations of the original text, inquiries may be directed to the author of the material.
Q4: Can you translate using CAT tools [Translation Assistance Tools]?
A4: I use Trados. If you provide your certification information, I can work with Memsource as well.
Q4: Can you issue a quote?
A4: Quotation is free of charge. Click here to request a quote.
Q5: Can you issue a delivery slip?
A5: I will issue a delivery slip upon request.
Q6: Can you issue an invoice?
A6: After delivery of the translation deliverables, I will issue an invoice after receiving the customer's confirmation and send it via e-mail. If a company client has a specified payment date (such as a closing date), I will issue the invoice accordingly if you let me know. Paper invoices can also be mailed upon request.
Q7: Can you issue a receipt?
A7: I will issue a receipt upon request. 
Q8: Can you issue a certificate of translation (declaration)?
Q8: In case of requiring "Certificate of Translation (Declaration)" for documents to be submitted to government offices, etc., I can provide it in both English and Japanese.

I will issue a quote for the total of the translation fee and the charge for issuing a certificate of translation, depending on the content of the document. If you would like to see a sample of the translation certificate, please feel free to contact me.